Instructing a direct access barrister when facing a drink driving charge

Facing a charge of drink driving is always a stressful time. The majority of those that face this charge will never have dealt with police before, let alone faced a Magistrates’ Court appearance. A conviction can change your life, so it is vital that you make the right moves when choosing someone to represent you.

Solicitor or Barrister?

The main differentiator between a solicitor and a barrister is that a solicitor is a more general lawyer with the qualifications and skills to deal with all manner of legal work. They do not specialise in any one type of advocacy, but have authorisation to appear in the lower courts. Barristers, on the other hand, are specialist advocates with the training to appear in Crown and High Courts. They are able to appear in all types of court.

Nowadays, direct access barristers are available to the public. Traditionally, there was no way to instruct a barrister yourself; you had to do so via a solicitor. Now, you can contact a barrister directly to have them take on your drink driving case and give them your instructions. This will allow you to have a conference with the barrister before your hearing, as well as for the hearing itself.

Some barristers even have the authorisation to conduct litigation, meaning they can deal with the entire drink driving case for you in addition to the court appearances. Your barrister will attend the court hearing with you if it doesn’t clash with another court case, but if they can’t they will appoint a suitable substitute.

Choosing the right barrister

The best starting point is recommendations. Friends, family or work colleagues may have had a good experience with a solicitor or barrister, and if that person can’t take on your case directly they can usually recommend someone good who will.

An online search, such as on Barristers4U, will help you to find direct access barristers who have a history and specialism in drink driving cases.

When you find a barrister you think would be good, you can contact them. Barristers4U offers free, no-obligation quotes, where you can find out how a barrister will help you and what their experience is in dealing with drink driving charges.

How much could a barrister help me claim for a motorcycle accident?

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident that was at least partially the fault of someone else, you might be wondering whether you are entitled to compensation and how much you are able to claim. This post looks at how your barrister and the court will value your claim, in order to give you an idea of how much compensation you might be entitled to for your injury.

Calculation of compensation

Most personal injury cases do not proceed to court and are settled between the parties for a fair amount of compensation. Your lawyer will look to value your claim in line with what would be awarded to you by a court, and seek to recover this amount from the other party’s insurers.

In order to make a proper evaluation, your lawyer will need to obtain information from you, as well as all of your medical reports and notes. Valuing motorcycle injury compensation can be challenging, but the right legal professional will fully consider the points below in order to get the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Factors that are considered

How severe was your injury?

The extent of your injuries will have an effect on how much you could be entitled to. The injuries sustained from motorcycle accidents can vary substantially, as can the amount of compensation you could be awarded.

Minor fractures attract around £1000, whereas compensation for the most serious injuries, including paraplegia, can attract awards of up to £350,000. When making your claim, your lawyer will obtain an expert medical opinion on how your injuries might impact your life, in order to make an accurate assessment of how much compensation you are entitled to.

How have you suffered loss?

The court will also award compensation for all of the ways in which you have suffered loss financially. This includes loss of earnings and loss of future earnings. If your injuries will affect your capacity to earn in the future, your lawyer will calculate how much this could be worth. In order to do this, your lawyer will consider how old you are, your line of work and your capacity to carry out another job.

Obtaining a quote from one of our direct access barristers is completely free, so contact us at Barristers 4 U today to find out how we can help you claim compensation for your motorcycle injuries.

Hit by an uninsured driver? Here’s why you need to get a barrister

It is bad enough being in a car accident, but when it isn’t your fault and the other party is also uninsured then this is the worst-case scenario. Believe it or not, in this case you can often be left with nothing in terms of compensation for your accident, the damages and any injuries, even though this should be covered by your own insurance. Here we explore why you might need to seek the help of direct access barristers if an uninsured driver hits you.

Insurance companies

Insurance companies are in the business to make money and they won’t want to pay out for damage caused by an uninsured driver. In their eyes, this is not the responsibility of your insurance policy. The insurance company will often seek to pass the onus on to you to prosecute the driver, but in most cases, such prosecutions lead nowhere due to a lack of assets and capital on the part of the offender.

How can a barrister help?

When you contact your insurance company you want to be sure that you present the best case possible immediately. If you fail to give the details in the best form at first, this can often hinder your case at a later stage. A barrister will be able to assist you in the best outlining of the incident and will be able to guide you through the legal loopholes of your insurance document too. Most importantly, the barrister will be able to help you understand your rights and will be able to set these out clearly for the insurance company.

The power of a barrister

While an insurance company will try to wiggle out of paying for damage caused by an uninsured driver, they will not break the law. Having a barrister on side is invaluable for this because they can clearly set out the requirements and present them to the insurance company. In the vast majority of cases, an insurance company will pay out as soon as they receive a legal letter, simply because the losses in a court case will be greater to them.

If you’re in an accident with an uninsured driver then you should contact public access barristers right away. Get the best advice and save yourself from losing out on the claim you deserve.

How video conferencing can help you find the best barrister

There are a whole host of different reasons why you might be needing to call on the services of a qualified, accredited barrister. From divorce barristers to civil dispute barristers and employment law barristers, hiring a top-class professional to fight your corner is key. But what if the barrister you feel is perfect to use is at the other end of the country?

With video conferencing technology such as Skype, this is no longer a problem. Here are a few reasons why this technology can mean using the barrister you want, rather than the closest:

Removes any location based problems

In the past, if you wanted to use a barrister that was based at the opposite end of the country to you then it would be most inconvenient. It would involve long trips in person whenever any meetings were called for that would be extremely time-consuming and costly.

With video conferencing, this is no longer the case. Technology such as Skype is freely available to most now and means you can use your tablet, mobile phone or laptop to stay in touch with your barrister remotely, wherever you may be located.


Another great bonus of video conferencing is that it gives you a real flexibility when instructing a barrister to act on your behalf, especially if the dispute or court case is prolonged. By using video conferencing to keep in contact with them, you have the flexibility to go about your normal life. If you travel around the country each week with work or have a two-week holiday to go on then staying in touch in this way makes it simple.

Regular meetings

Even if you are based close to the barrister you will be using, face to face meetings in person can be tricky to arrange on a regular basis. Fitting a meeting in during the 20 minutes you are free in-between other work pressures is much more possible when you use video conferencing to do it and avoids having to travel to the barrister’s office. This in turn will mean you stay in touch more regularly with your barrister in some cases.

As you can see, video conferencing can be a superb way to keep in touch with a barrister for many people. Here at Barristers4U, we have a selection of 1,000+ qualified barristers in England and Wales and can help arrange secure video conference meetings with the one you select. All the barristers we list offer a free quote and superb value for money.

Can I go direct to a barrister for family court?

When family court is involved, there is a good chance you are a parent or representing a child. Or, perhaps you are trying to sort through the financial minefield of a separation, or obtain an injunction of some sort?

All of which are highly sensitive and emotional issues.

This can make finding the right legal help even more important.

For many people in this situation, that means working with a direct access barrister. Someone trained and experienced in providing family law advocacy services.

Advantages of a family law public access barrister

Using a public access barrister puts you directly in front of the person who will represent you in any legal proceedings. You will be able to establish a relationship of trust and communication with them, knowing that they will be the ones speaking on your behalf.

Issues such as domestic violence, custody of children and financial settlements can be discussed openly with the person who will pick out the transient facts and present them in court on your behalf.

This is also someone who specialises in this particular sector of the law. Family barristers approach their work from a position of in-depth knowledge and understanding, as opposed to a more general appreciation of the law.

They spend the bulk of their time in court, so they are familiar with the mechanisms and subtleties of presenting legal arguments in that setting.

Flexibility and customer care in discussing family law

Many family barristers are self-employed, rather than working within a legal practice. This provides a more versatile approach to both consultation arrangements and costs.

You could even instruct and work with a family barrister anywhere in the UK. Many offer opportunities for private video conferencing too so you don’t always need to appear at meetings in person.

Lastly, keep in mind that solicitors – in specialist or complex cases – would turn to a barrister for assistance.

If your legal proceedings are of a particularly desperate or upsetting nature, approaching a public access barrister means that you are going direct to someone that solicitors trust and consult with.

Use our website to find the right match and to obtain insights into the costs involved with direct access family barristers.

Almost half of drivers with 12 points keep their licence

If you’ve been caught speeding and have racked up 12 points then you’ll probably be wondering: ‘Is there anything I can do to save my driving licence?’ The good news is that almost half of all people with 12 points on their licence manage to avoid disqualification, so your chances are good as long as you get the right advice and representation.

According to Brake and Direct Line, 43% of drivers with 12 points manage to keep their licence. Here we explore how you too could be able to keep your licence with 12 points.

Mitigating circumstances

In some cases there can be considered to be mitigating circumstances for speeding. These mitigating factors can include the speed not being excessive, there being only light traffic on the road at the time of the offence, or even a momentary lapse in concentration.

Exceptional hardship

In cases where exceptional hardship would be caused by driving disqualification, the courts can decide to apply the points but not disqualify the driver. This case can be argued if this would lead to you losing your job or being unable to work.

Flimsy evidence

In some cases a speeding charge can be disputed on the basis of flimsy evidence. Laser detectors and other speed detection devices can sometimes be overruled in court when the evidence is not entirely clear-cut.

Get the best representation

While a lot of people are able to keep their driving licence in certain cases, you need to put forward the best possible defence that you can. In order to do so you should get yourself the best representation so that you get the best advice and have the best chance in court. A barrister will be able to help build your case and argue that you should not be disqualified on the basis of mitigating circumstances and exceptional hardship.

Get a free quote for representation from Barristers4u today and you could save yourself from disqualification and all of the headaches that come along with this.

Photo: driving by fo.ol licensed under Creative commons 2

Can a barrister help with my drink drive case?

Law enforcement operatives will have you believe that drink drive cases are clear-cut and unavoidable, but this is not the case. With a good drink drive barrister by your side, you stand a chance of being able to overturn a drink drive accusation in some circumstances. Here we explore the ways in which they can help:

Speak on your behalf in court

A barrister will know what to say, how to say it and when to say it. This can make every difference in a court and can swing your chances of conviction or exoneration. You will only get one chance in court, so getting it right is essential. Make sure you have the best representation.

Give you guidance

For most drink drive offenders it will be their first time in a courtroom. This can be very intimidating and they are structured to be so. Knowing what to expect and exactly what will happen will help to put your mind at rest and allow you to keep a level head for the interactions that matter.

Give advice about your plea

Sometimes the best thing to do is to admit your guilt and receive a lighter sentence for showing remorse. A barrister will be able to tell you when this is the right course of action so that you are making the correct plea.

Build your defence

A barrister can help by building a defence for you if there is one to build. They will never create a defence where one does not exist, but they will be able to turn the real course of events into an effective defence to put in front of the court.

Determine special reasons

In some cases, drink drive defences can rely on special reasons for your actions. Your barrister will be able to help you establish this defence if it does exist.

Obtaining a quote

Getting a fee quote from a barrister will be completely free, so there is nothing to lose at the outset. A barrister could save you from significant fines and protect you from losing your license too.

Photo: Driving by Joe Le Merou licensed under Creative commons 2

Avoid a speeding conviction with expert legal help

As all drivers know, adhering to the relevant speed limit is vital when you’re in control of a vehicle. Failure to do so can put the driver at risk, as well as jeopardising the safety of his or her passengers and other road users. While it’s crucial that drivers adhere to the rules of the road, there are times when people may inadvertently exceed the speed limit and, if caught, they could face a number of sanctions.

If the situation constitutes a minor offence, the driver may simply have points placed on their licence or be required to attend an educational course. Once a driver has a specific number of points on their licence, however, they will lose their licence and be unable to legally drive. If the original speeding offence was more serious, a driver could be charged with a criminal offence and they may lose their licence straight away. They could even face a custodial sentence.

Can a barrister save my driving licence?

If you need help from a speeding barrister, it’s likely that you’ve been caught or charged with a motoring offence. With numerous speed cameras situated on roads across the country, it’s not surprising that so many people are caught exceeding the limit each year.

In many cases, however, a public access barrister can help you to contest the charges aimed at you and prevent you from facing any sanctions, such as the loss of your licence or a monetary fine. If you’ve been faced with a more serious criminal allegation, such as driving without due care and attention, a criminal barrister may even be able to help you avoid getting a criminal record.

With legal help from experienced barristers, you can save a significant amount of money. With thousands of pounds to be saved, using direct access barristers ensures that you have access to cost-effective legal help. Furthermore, contacting a barrister directly means that you can discuss your case in detail and get the specialist help you need.

To obtain a quote or to discuss your need for legal representation, contact a direct access barrister today.

Drink driving: know where you stand

When found guilty of a drink driving offence, individuals can expect to be banned from driving for at least a year, receive an unlimited fine or face up to six months in prison. When faced with these consequences, it is not uncommon to feel fearful, distraught or overwhelmed and lose sight of the reality of the situation. However, things may not be as disastrous or clear-cut as they first seem.

Required procedures

In any drink driving case, there are procedures that police must follow for a conviction to be valid. Expert drink drive barristers or speeding barristers will have experience in defending similar claims and will know which details to question, to ensure that the arrested party is not forced to accept an unreasonable punishment.

One example of a procedure that is vital to understand is the breath test. Devices used to conduct the test have been known to produce unreliable results in situations where no more than a single spirit and mixer have been consumed. A drink drive barrister can obtain calculations to determine the precise amount of alcohol in the body at the time of the test, as well as taking a careful look at the process surrounding the arrest and investigation.

Expert insight

Another example would be that there could occasionally be an unusual reason for an individual’s behaviour. Generally speaking, the court will not entertain drink driving of any kind; however, a drink driving barrister will know when a special reason can be argued. It might even be possible to demonstrate to the court why a more favourable stance should be taken.

The consequences of failing to obtain expert help demonstrate the importance of doing so: the increased cost of car insurance; the need to declare the conviction to an employer or when travelling overseas; the loss of employment where this is dependant on the ability to drive; and, of course, the penalty itself. A drink drive barrister will examine any possibility of a reduced sentence and can review an employment to determine whether there is any duty to inform an employer.

Deciding not to seek assistance may seem like an easier option, especially during stressful circumstances, but, by using a trained legal professional, individuals stand the best chance of clarifying where they stand and not having to suffer any undue consequences.

At Barristers4U, we are particularly experienced at helping you save your driving license, but we don’t stop there – we have over a thousand accredited barristers who can provide you with expert advice on all aspects of the law. To get a free quote and find out how we can help you, contact us today.

Save Money And Use A Barrister To Avoid A Driving Ban Or Disqualification

Due to recent changes in the law you can now go directly to a barrister for legal advice or representation therefore saving you hundreds of pounds in solicitor fees. Our barristers can provide you a free no obligation quote for any potential driving ban or disqualification which can be a fixed fee or hourly rate. This all depends on your individual circumstances and you can request this because we’ve access to over a 1000 barristers in over 200 chambers in England and Wales.

Speeding offences are the most common road traffic offence in the UK, with around 55,000 motorists summoned to court for speeding offences every year. If you wish to contest a speeding ticket you cannot simply use the excuse “I didn’t realise I was speeding” as your defence because any barrister won’t even consider contesting this in court. Our barristers are aware of valid grounds of contesting a speeding ticket and we can challenge the accuracy of the speed camera as one factor of the case.

Another common offence is careless and dangerous driving where the police are often to quick to form an opinion without giving full consideration to all the evidence. Many of our clients have gone on to win these cases often with the Crown Prosecution Service dropping the charges before the case has even begun.

The next common case is failure to identify the driver and just because you’ve been charged with this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve done anything wrong. Because there could be insufficient information in the date, time and location of the alleged traffic offence. All information should be precise and missing information can result in the prosecution failing.

Another very common motoring offence is a totting-up disqualification. Once you’ve reached 12 points on your driving licence the court will immediately impose a driving ban for a minimum of 6 months. If you are found in this unfortunate situation then you need to try and convince the magistrates not to disqualify you from driving. The only reason that can be used is if evidence of “Exceptional Hardship” is presented to the court. Our expert barristers can help you work through a list of reasons to present to the judge including how you need your licence for work, if you were to lose your job if you lost your licence, if other employees depend on you, number of years driving etc.

Mobile phone offences have increased dramatically over the last 10 years with the influx of mobile phones. This includes using the phone whilst driving either speaking or texting. But mobile offences can be a little confusing because were you actually driving at the time or was you stationary, were you actually on a public road, can the police actually prove you were using the phone and lastly was the phone being using hands-free.

One of the most serious motoring offences is driving without insurance. But there are some loopholes here our barristers can help you with in your defence. These include vehicle ownership, fleet insurance or motor trader policy, accidental (insurer cancelled the policy) and misled i.e. confusing policy wording.

Call us today for expert legal advice and a free no obligation quote to see if you can challenge your motoring offence and let Barristers 4U find the right legal representation for you.