Can I go direct to a barrister for family court?

When family court is involved, there is a good chance you are a parent or representing a child. Or, perhaps you are trying to sort through the financial minefield of a separation, or obtain an injunction of some sort?

All of which are highly sensitive and emotional issues.

This can make finding the right legal help even more important.

For many people in this situation, that means working with a direct access barrister. Someone trained and experienced in providing family law advocacy services.

Advantages of a family law public access barrister

Using a public access barrister puts you directly in front of the person who will represent you in any legal proceedings. You will be able to establish a relationship of trust and communication with them, knowing that they will be the ones speaking on your behalf.

Issues such as domestic violence, custody of children and financial settlements can be discussed openly with the person who will pick out the transient facts and present them in court on your behalf.

This is also someone who specialises in this particular sector of the law. Family barristers approach their work from a position of in-depth knowledge and understanding, as opposed to a more general appreciation of the law.

They spend the bulk of their time in court, so they are familiar with the mechanisms and subtleties of presenting legal arguments in that setting.

Flexibility and customer care in discussing family law

Many family barristers are self-employed, rather than working within a legal practice. This provides a more versatile approach to both consultation arrangements and costs.

You could even instruct and work with a family barrister anywhere in the UK. Many offer opportunities for private video conferencing too so you don’t always need to appear at meetings in person.

Lastly, keep in mind that solicitors – in specialist or complex cases – would turn to a barrister for assistance.

If your legal proceedings are of a particularly desperate or upsetting nature, approaching a public access barrister means that you are going direct to someone that solicitors trust and consult with.

Use our website to find the right match and to obtain insights into the costs involved with direct access family barristers.

Ending boundary disputes with direct access barristers

When you buy a property, the boundaries should be clearly marked on the deeds of the house or flat. Despite this, many property owners find that their boundaries are the cause of disputes. If your neighbours believe that you’re using their property, for example, they may become unpleasant or even abusive.

Similarly, if you have a right of way over land, the landowners should not be able to restrict you using this right. Perhaps you need to travel across your neighbours land to reach your driveway, for example? If they prevent you from doing this, your enjoyment of your own property will be severely diminished.

Have things got out of hand?

When these types of disputes arise, it’s easy for things to escalate. Your neighbours may begin to exhibit anti-social behaviour or undertake petty actions in order to irritate you. Whilst we should feel relaxed in our own homes, boundary issues can have a significant impact on your way of life. Rather than looking forward to going home at the end of the day, you may begin to dread what you’re returning to.

In order to resolve these types of disputes, it may be necessary to access legal help. Unfortunately, people tend to assume that legal advice is very expensive and this can result in disputes going on for far longer than they need to.

If you’re worried about the cost of getting legal help, why not contact a direct access barrister?

Taking action with public access barristers

When you contact a barrister directly, you can reduce the cost of any legal action you need to take. Instead of using both a solicitor and barrister, you can liaise with just public access barristers and limit the need for any other professionals to work on your case.

As a result, costs can be reduced considerably. In addition to this, seeking help from direct access barristers can be a simple and straightforward process. Simply select a barrister who specialises in the relevant area of law and approach them for a quote. As well as explaining what options are available to you, your public access barrister can assist you in taking legal action, if you choose to do so.

To find out more, contact a direct access barrister today.

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Contesting a will with direct access barristers

Although making a will is fairly straightforward, a significant number of people fail to do so. When someone dies without having made a will, they are said to have died intestate and the law determines how their estate is disposed of. By having a will, people can ensure that their estate is transferred to the relevant beneficiaries and they are free to dispose of their goods, property and possessions as they see fit.

In some cases, however, it may be possible for someone to contest a will and argue that they should receive some or all of the estate.

As a will is a legal document, you’ll need to legal assistance if you want to make a successful challenge. Although the law is keen to uphold the deceased’s wishes, there are some instances in which a direct access barrister will be able to help you to challenge a will.

Accessing inheritance if you’ve been left out of a will

Often, when someone gets older, their mental faculties can be affected and they may act in unusual ways. If someone makes numerous changes to their will in the months preceding their death, for example, and leaves close family members out of the document, it may be possible for them to challenge the document.

Similarly, if the deceased was receiving medical treatment which may have affected the way they drafted the will, it could be possible for a legal challenge to be made. In some cases, a will may have been made decades ago and not modified to reflect a change in family circumstances. Due to this, family members may want to take action in order to ensure an equal split of the estate.

Contact a direct access barrister

If you need help to contest a will, a public access barrister may be able to assist you. As well as providing expert legal advice and assistance, using a direct access barrister can significantly reduce the cost of taking legal action.

Furthermore, contacting a direct access barrister couldn’t be easier. Available via secure video conferencing facilities, you can liaise with your barrister from wherever you are and cut out the need for additional legal personnel.

To find out more, why not contact a public access barrister today?

How direct public access helps you

Historically, the public could only access barristers through a solicitor. It was the solicitor who would have to instruct a barrister to represent their client, meaning the public were unable to gain potentially crucial advice from a legal expert. Recognising this problem, regulators decided to make a series of sweeping changes in 2009 and promptly changed the regulations in order to allow direct access barristers. Ever since, members of the public have been able to go to a barrister directly, which has a range of advantages, not least a potential saving of hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

Barristers operate as specialist advisers as well as advocates. The direct public access scheme makes public access barristers a possibility, meaning members of the public are fully entitled to deal directly with their barrister, cutting out the need to spend money on instructing a solicitor at the same time.

How direct public access helps

Direct public access allows you to take responsibility, should you wish, for all of the preliminary work yourself. That work may traditionally have been undertaken by a solicitor, so there are huge potential savings on offer should you wish to contact a barrister directly.

It also allows you to control the costs yourself. As standard, you will get a breakdown of the costs for every element of your case. This will be in the form of a contract between the barrister and yourself, meaning there is no possibility of you being charged for more than what has previously been agreed.

With a direct access barrister, you will be getting a specialist in your type of case. Whether it’s social media defamation, sexual harassment, a construction dispute, family law or another matter entirely, direct access allows you to go straight to an expert. That means you’ll get impartial and honest advice over how best to take your case forward. Due to the fact barristers will have undergone years of study in their specialist field, they will be able to quickly identify all the salient features of your problem and give you the specialist advice you need.

To instruct a direct access barrister to handle your case, obtain a free, no obligation quote from Barristers4u today.

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When can civil dispute barristers help?

When a disagreement occurs between two individuals or an individual and an organisation, it’s often referred to as a civil dispute. Unlike criminal cases, a civil dispute doesn’t involve the police and there is no evidence of unlawful behaviour. Despite this, civil disputes can have a significant impact on the people affected.

Civil dispute barristers may assist on matters such as defamation, negligence, trespass and property claims. In addition to this, barristers who specialise in civil disputes may also advise on claims concerning intellectual property, probate or competition.

Due to the complexity of these claims, both claimants and defendants are likely to need expert legal assistance. Whether you want to bring a civil claim or need to defend one, it’s likely that you’ll need advice from a civil dispute barrister at some point.

Can you afford to access legal advice?

Even when people feel that they have been wronged, they can delay making a claim or launching a case. Often, potential claimants are worried about the cost of seeking legal advice and this can prevent them from taking action.

Although the legal system has implemented changes to make the process more accessible, many people still find it difficult to access cost-effective legal advice. Indeed, the cuts to Legal Aid mean that fewer and fewer people are able to seek legal help when they need to do so.

Fortunately, using a direct access barrister helps to cut costs and ensures that claimants and defendants can access help, as and when they need to.

When working with public access barristers, you can approach them yourself and discuss your situation with them. Instead of paying a solicitor and a barrister, you can simply instruct a direct access barrister to handle the matter on your behalf, if you choose to do so.

Working with a direct access barrister

Before you instruct any barrister to carry out work on your case, however, you’ll want to get an estimate of how much you’ll need to pay and what the likely outcome of the case is. With direct access barristers willing to provide a free quote, you’ll have all the information you need before you decide whether or not you want to move forward.

To learn more now, why not contact a public access barrister today?