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Intellectual property includes patents, registered trademarks, copyrights and other complicated areas of the law. This area of the law can apply, whether you are a small business or a large multi-national company. It doesn’t matter what type of company it is, the main priority is to protect everything you own including your own ideas.

Intellectual property can be considered “new” in all aspects of business. Businesses would have to consider certain structures and techniques to be protected, primarily for financial benefit. Many companies are starting to protect their intellectual property, most notably with patents and confidential information and in particular their online and digital branding that exists. In the UK, we are considered the world leader in creating new and exciting technology, and it continues to grow year by year. By protecting the brand, it would seek to prevent the loss of funds, and would give you the assurance to continue and grow your business. Instructing or seeking advice from a specialist Barristers directly in this field can be quick, easy and cost effective to assist your business in many ways and where appropriate and necessary advising to proceed to issue an injunction, and additionally, they will give you credible advice on what the necessary steps are needed. With Barristers4u, you would be able to get a free quote on your intellectual property dispute. Intellectual property law can be costly if you leave too late, more prevention and less cure is the prescribed route. There are many on-going cases which have spent millions and millions of pounds on intellectual property.

Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement is the using someone else’s work which is protected by copyright law. They have unlawfully infringed exclusive rights granted to the copyright holder. It can range from using technology protected by patent to selling counterfeit films or software. These acts will count as a civil infringement, yet it could be a potential criminal offence. It is important to consult with a barrister, as they would give the reliable advice. With Barristers4u; you would be advised on your specific intellectual property and give you a good understand of your rights.

Intellectual Property Barrister?

IP barristers advise on a wide variety of issues. They can deal with wider IP rights in the wider context of large commercial transactions. You can now directly deal with your barrister to discuss your particular issue. IP can be very complex and barristers have a high amount of knowledge to assure, that you going in the right direction. For more information on getting a IP barrister, please click on the link below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you provide legal advice or representation?
    Yes. We have access to 1,000 Barristers at 210 different chambers in England & Wales. We can compare them for you. If you have a particular budget we will try to get you legal representation to fit that budget.
  • What can a Barrister do for me?
    Barristers can:
    • Provide expert legal opinion and advise
    • Draft legal documents
    • Attend Court as your advocate
    • Represent you at a Mediation or Arbitration
    Barristers are experts in the law and provide a high level of skill when advocacy is required to present your case in a Court or Tribunal. Most Barristers do not conduct litigation but, if needed, Barristers4U can provide those who are now approved to do so by the Bar Standards Board. We can advise who is best placed to help you once we have reviewed your enquiry.
  • How cheap is cheap?
    We are very flexible and can work to a fixed fee or, alternatively, to your budget. All fees are agreed before the work is completed so you always know where you stand. Our Barristers’ overheads are low. This and our technology means you can access leading legal minds across England and Wales at a time and price that suits you.
  • How quickly can legal proceedings begin?
    Before working with a barrister tell us the date you wish to start legal proceedings or let us know when you need representing and we will make sure we get an experienced barrister by your side ready for the legal proceedings.