Save Money And Use A Barrister To Avoid A Driving Ban Or Disqualification

Due to recent changes in the law you can now go directly to a barrister for legal advice or representation therefore saving you hundreds of pounds in solicitor fees. Our barristers can provide you a free no obligation quote for any potential driving ban or disqualification which can be a fixed fee or hourly rate. This all depends on your individual circumstances and you can request this because we’ve access to over a 1000 barristers in over 200 chambers in England and Wales.

Speeding offences are the most common road traffic offence in the UK, with around 55,000 motorists summoned to court for speeding offences every year. If you wish to contest a speeding ticket you cannot simply use the excuse “I didn’t realise I was speeding” as your defence because any barrister won’t even consider contesting this in court. Our barristers are aware of valid grounds of contesting a speeding ticket and we can challenge the accuracy of the speed camera as one factor of the case.

Another common offence is careless and dangerous driving where the police are often to quick to form an opinion without giving full consideration to all the evidence. Many of our clients have gone on to win these cases often with the Crown Prosecution Service dropping the charges before the case has even begun.

The next common case is failure to identify the driver and just because you’ve been charged with this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve done anything wrong. Because there could be insufficient information in the date, time and location of the alleged traffic offence. All information should be precise and missing information can result in the prosecution failing.

Another very common motoring offence is a totting-up disqualification. Once you’ve reached 12 points on your driving licence the court will immediately impose a driving ban for a minimum of 6 months. If you are found in this unfortunate situation then you need to try and convince the magistrates not to disqualify you from driving. The only reason that can be used is if evidence of “Exceptional Hardship” is presented to the court. Our expert barristers can help you work through a list of reasons to present to the judge including how you need your licence for work, if you were to lose your job if you lost your licence, if other employees depend on you, number of years driving etc.

Mobile phone offences have increased dramatically over the last 10 years with the influx of mobile phones. This includes using the phone whilst driving either speaking or texting. But mobile offences can be a little confusing because were you actually driving at the time or was you stationary, were you actually on a public road, can the police actually prove you were using the phone and lastly was the phone being using hands-free.

One of the most serious motoring offences is driving without insurance. But there are some loopholes here our barristers can help you with in your defence. These include vehicle ownership, fleet insurance or motor trader policy, accidental (insurer cancelled the policy) and misled i.e. confusing policy wording.

Call us today for expert legal advice and a free no obligation quote to see if you can challenge your motoring offence and let Barristers 4U find the right legal representation for you.

Never Automatically Pay Your Parking Fines!

If you’ve ever received a car parking fine in a private car park you know how frustrating this feels and you wish there was something you could do about is. Well there is actually a few things you can do because most of these fines are often unenforceable.

If the ticket is from the police or local council always pay it. But if its from a private company never pay it automatically and always challenge it.

If you were doing any of the following then we recommend that you should immediately pay because these wouldn’t be valid reasons to content a parking fine;

  • I was going to get change.
  • Its on the dashboard with all my other parking tickets.
  • Only one wheel is out of the bay.
  • I only parked on the pavement because there was no other spaces.
  • I thought parking was free on bank holidays.
  • I paid straight after getting the ticket.
  • I parked in a bus stop and not the yellow line

If you have a different reason than the above reasons then you probably got grounds to content the parking fine. So you should always do the following in this situation.

Gather all evidence by immediately take photos, because a photo of your ticket on your windscreen when you’re only 5 minutes late is very unfair. Also take photos of any unclear signs or bay markings plus anything else that might be relevant.

Keep all correspondence from the private company and receipts for example like if your car had broken down and the garage repair bills. Not to mention any contact details of any witnesses.

There is no point arguing with the car parking attendant because it might only get you in more trouble. So simply just leave and then try to explain yourself with all the evidence in writing.

If you feel that you’re getting no where and the fine has risen then seek legal help by using a barrister. You can now go to a barrister direct for legal advice and we at Barristers 4U will provide you with a free no obligation quote to help you with your parking fine.