How has the recent changes to provision of legal services affected your purchase of legal services?

Accessing a lawyer or any kind of legal aid is, for many of us, a scary decision. These are the people that know The Rules. You know the ones, The Rules to living life which we are all overly cautious to avoid breaking. Sure, maybe we’ve broken one or two minor ones accidentally—just a few miles per hour over the speed limit when we’re stressed from a long day at work, or perhaps left the store having forgotten to pay for a chocolate bar, only to realise once you’re at home—but as a society in general most of Britain are rather nervous when approaching someone ‘of the law’.

Another factor preventing many people from accessing the legal aid that they deserve, is the cost. Solicitors rarely represent a client in court, so they need to hire out a Barrister to represent you, at extra cost to yourself. Between the solicitor, court fees, Barrister fees, a court case could cost you thousands of pounds. Without knowing exactly how much you will spend, it is difficult for to decide the best way to handle your own claim.

There are so many of us that don’t know what we would be entitled to. Perhaps it’s all the going backwards and forwards between lawyers and judges, or maybe that we don’t understand the language of law, but whatever the reason is, the whole legal aid process is typically seen as a hassle which has a reputation to take months, or even years, to settle a dispute.

What if I told you, that has recently changed? That you can now access legal services from the comfort of your own home? What if there was a way to combat all three of these problems with one, easy to use, simple website? Barristers4U is an online Chamber company based in Cardiff which provides a range of Barristers, from motor to civil dispute, to businesses and the public. All it takes is one online form to be able to talk to a Barrister and obtain legal advice and service. The great thing about Barristers4u is that it cuts out the middle man – the solicitor – saving you time, hassle, and cost. The Barristers will provide you with an upfront quote for their services, meaning you don’t have to worry about extra costs building up; you know what you’re getting, and how much it will cost you. Barristers can charge less than solicitors as they have a smaller overhead fee, and they don’t need to charge for offices and administration.

Barristers4u are friendly and helpful, so you don’t have to worry if seeking legal advice is something you are nervous about. Once you’ve submitted your enquiry, a Barrister will be in touch to discuss your case with you. Your quote is free, with no obligation, and there are thousands of Barristers across England and Wales so you can compare quotes and services, meaning you are able to choose a Barrister which you believe is best suited to your needs. All the Barristers are accredited and regulated by the Bar Standards Board so you won’t lose out on quality or expertise. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Barristers4u puts you in the driver’s seat, so you can have your say on your case. They can even help you set up a video conference with your Barrister to ensure secure meetings wherever you are.

All too often, if we do create a case, we hand it over to the legal team, thinking they know better than us. In doing this, we don’t fully understand the decisions being made, and are more vulnerable to a cost that is much bigger than our budget. We may end up with a decision that we aren’t fully satisfied with, and the entire case is out of our hands. You are the most important person in your case, so imagine how empowering it would feel to be able to take control of your case despite having no legal experience. The direct access Barristers make that possible for you, listening to exactly what it is you want from your case and always making sure you are consulted in every decision.

Public access Barristers have been available since 2004, but this service wasn’t as readily available in Wales; Barristers4u are the first online direct access company to operate in Wales. This is completely reinventing the way we can obtain legal services; thanks to the internet and the public access Barristers, professional legal advice is just a click of a button away, like adding a carton of milk to your online basket. Just go to Barristers4u at anytime, anywhere, for free, no obligation quotes and find the best Barrister for you. 

When can civil dispute barristers help?

When a disagreement occurs between two individuals or an individual and an organisation, it’s often referred to as a civil dispute. Unlike criminal cases, a civil dispute doesn’t involve the police and there is no evidence of unlawful behaviour. Despite this, civil disputes can have a significant impact on the people affected.

Civil dispute barristers may assist on matters such as defamation, negligence, trespass and property claims. In addition to this, barristers who specialise in civil disputes may also advise on claims concerning intellectual property, probate or competition.

Due to the complexity of these claims, both claimants and defendants are likely to need expert legal assistance. Whether you want to bring a civil claim or need to defend one, it’s likely that you’ll need advice from a civil dispute barrister at some point.

Can you afford to access legal advice?

Even when people feel that they have been wronged, they can delay making a claim or launching a case. Often, potential claimants are worried about the cost of seeking legal advice and this can prevent them from taking action.

Although the legal system has implemented changes to make the process more accessible, many people still find it difficult to access cost-effective legal advice. Indeed, the cuts to Legal Aid mean that fewer and fewer people are able to seek legal help when they need to do so.

Fortunately, using a direct access barrister helps to cut costs and ensures that claimants and defendants can access help, as and when they need to.

When working with public access barristers, you can approach them yourself and discuss your situation with them. Instead of paying a solicitor and a barrister, you can simply instruct a direct access barrister to handle the matter on your behalf, if you choose to do so.

Working with a direct access barrister

Before you instruct any barrister to carry out work on your case, however, you’ll want to get an estimate of how much you’ll need to pay and what the likely outcome of the case is. With direct access barristers willing to provide a free quote, you’ll have all the information you need before you decide whether or not you want to move forward.

To learn more now, why not contact a public access barrister today?

Using A Barrister To Deal With Your Neighbour Issues And Disputes

Neighbours can fallout over many reasons such as excessive music, loud pets and/or boundary disputes. It can be emotionally draining and very expensive to take your neighbour to court so lets discuss today how else we can potentially deal with these neighbours.

Even neighbours you get on with could start a dispute at any time for example, if you decide to plant a tree in the garden that they know if the future might block their sunlight.

First and foremost you should always try explaining to your neighbour in a calm and polite manner of your point of view and how you can ensure it never becomes an issue. Until you point out the obvious your neighbour they might not know how petty they are being and you might find a resolution.

You should also be open minded and willing to find the best resolution for both of you. Never be demanding because nobody ever wants to be told what to do.

You should always do this face-to-face because there is nothing more under-miming than coming home to a letter or note from your neighbour moaning about the civil dispute. This will also avoid any mis-interpretation.

Always remember that your main aim is to resolve the issue and keep a good relationship between you and your neighbour. Because you never know how long you will have to live next to them for, so always keep this in mind.


If you’ve tried several times with your neighbour and still cannot get any resolution then you could seek mediation from an unrelated third party.

You can setup a voluntary mediation session on neutral ground that you and your neighbour can attend. Because the mediator is impartial they will facilitate the discussion and take on board both sides of the story allowing both parties to clearly speak on their side of the matter. Always remember that a mediator isn’t a judge and cannot force anyone to do anything. They attempt to find resolution and make a recommendation that you can choose to either follow or ignore.

If the neighbour is a tenant you could also raise this issue with the landlord. Because the landlord is ultimately responsible for the tenant in his property.

If this is a noise dispute then you can complain to the local council. The local council will investigate and decide if there are any legal obligations here. If there are laws governing the dispute then the local council can issue notices. If this is ignored then penalties can be imposed forcing the neighbour to resolve the dispute.

If your neighbour is abusive or violent then you can report such anti-social behaviour immediately to the police. Any other anti-social behaviour e.g. discrimination can be reported to the local council to make a formal complaint.

Legal Action

Your last resort is always legal action and potentially court proceedings. This is also likely to ruin any long term relationship with your neighbour but will get the issue resolved. Because of changes in regulations you can now ask barristers directly for advice and then representation instead of solicitors.

So if you have no other choice, contact Barristers 4U today for expert legal advice to resolve your civil dispute today and get a free no obligation quote.