Ending boundary disputes with direct access barristers

When you buy a property, the boundaries should be clearly marked on the deeds of the house or flat. Despite this, many property owners find that their boundaries are the cause of disputes. If your neighbours believe that you’re using their property, for example, they may become unpleasant or even abusive.

Similarly, if you have a right of way over land, the landowners should not be able to restrict you using this right. Perhaps you need to travel across your neighbours land to reach your driveway, for example? If they prevent you from doing this, your enjoyment of your own property will be severely diminished.

Have things got out of hand?

When these types of disputes arise, it’s easy for things to escalate. Your neighbours may begin to exhibit anti-social behaviour or undertake petty actions in order to irritate you. Whilst we should feel relaxed in our own homes, boundary issues can have a significant impact on your way of life. Rather than looking forward to going home at the end of the day, you may begin to dread what you’re returning to.

In order to resolve these types of disputes, it may be necessary to access legal help. Unfortunately, people tend to assume that legal advice is very expensive and this can result in disputes going on for far longer than they need to.

If you’re worried about the cost of getting legal help, why not contact a direct access barrister?

Taking action with public access barristers

When you contact a barrister directly, you can reduce the cost of any legal action you need to take. Instead of using both a solicitor and barrister, you can liaise with just public access barristers and limit the need for any other professionals to work on your case.

As a result, costs can be reduced considerably. In addition to this, seeking help from direct access barristers can be a simple and straightforward process. Simply select a barrister who specialises in the relevant area of law and approach them for a quote. As well as explaining what options are available to you, your public access barrister can assist you in taking legal action, if you choose to do so.

To find out more, contact a direct access barrister today.

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Can civil dispute barristers help with tenancy issues?

Although there are various different types of civil disputes, disagreements between tenants and landlords are amongst the most common. Whilst tenants and landlords should always have a contract in place, tenants are afforded some rights by the law as well.

In addition to this, a situation which isn’t covered by the existing contract may arise and civil dispute barristers may be needed.

Often, it’s best to resolve issues amicably, if you’re able to do so. In some instances, however, this simply isn’t possible and it may be necessary to seek legal help. If tenants want to take action because they believe a landlord is evicting them unfairly, for example, they may want to access legal representation so that they can take the matter further.

Conversely, landlords may find themselves unable to remove tenants following the end of a lease. As these matters can end up going to court, it’s usually beneficial to seek help from experienced professionals, such as civil dispute barristers.

Can a barrister help you?

When you need legal advice, it can be best to contact a barrister directly. As well as being experts in their field, public access barristers can help to reduce the cost of taking legal action. If you’re instigating legal action or defending a claim made against you, direct access barristers can provide relatively low-cost legal support.

Whilst a solicitor may be able to provide help initially, it is a barrister who is most likely to represent you in court. Rather than using two legal professionals to resolve the matter, claimants can benefit from contacting barristers directly.

Should you take the matter to court?

Often, the involvement of legal professionals means that the matter can be resolved without actually going to court. In order to reduce the cost and length of time associated with a court hearing, claimants are more willing to negotiate, providing they are assisted by experienced lawyers.

Whilst you can resort to going to court if needed, direct access barristers can help you to resolve the matter via alternative methods, if they are available. To find out more about getting help with a landlord and tenant dispute, why not contact civil dispute barristers today?

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Taking action with healthcare barristers

In the UK, we’re very lucky to have access to the National Health Service as well as private medical services. While most people receive good treatment via both private clinics and NHS providers, sometimes things do go wrong.

If a physician is negligent, for example, it can have catastrophic consequences. By failing to provide the right treatment, a doctor could potentially cause a fatality or subject a patient to additional treatment.

In some instances, this type of medical negligence can also cause patients to suffer long-term effects. Due to the severity of this, it’s important to take action if you’ve been the victim of a medical error. By seeking help from healthcare barristers, you can find out if you’ll be able to launch a medical negligence claim and, if so, what the likelihood of success is.

Obtaining compensation for medical negligence

When you take action with direct access barristers following a medical error, you may be able to obtain compensation. Whilst this won’t remedy the situation and give you back your health, it can provide practical help.

If medical negligence has left you unable to work, for example, public access barristers could help you to claim back the cost of your lost income and your future loss of earnings. While your health is always more important than your finances, money worries can cause a lot of stress.

By obtaining compensation with help from healthcare barristers, you can focus on recovery and dealing with any long-lasting symptoms, rather than worrying about your financial situation.

In addition to this, taking legal action with direct access barristers may increase awareness of medical negligence. In doing so, you could encourage healthcare providers to revise their existing regulations in order to ensure that no-one suffers in the same way you have.

Working with direct access barristers

When you take action with barristers direct, you can reduce the cost of obtaining legal assistance significantly. Rather than paying a solicitor and a barrister, you can simply talk to a public access barrister directly and obtain the help you need.

With over 1,000 experienced barristers providing direct access services, you should find it easy to access legal advice. To find out more, why not get in touch with a public access barrister today?