Can I go direct to a barrister for family court?

When family court is involved, there is a good chance you are a parent or representing a child. Or, perhaps you are trying to sort through the financial minefield of a separation, or obtain an injunction of some sort?

All of which are highly sensitive and emotional issues.

This can make finding the right legal help even more important.

For many people in this situation, that means working with a direct access barrister. Someone trained and experienced in providing family law advocacy services.

Advantages of a family law public access barrister

Using a public access barrister puts you directly in front of the person who will represent you in any legal proceedings. You will be able to establish a relationship of trust and communication with them, knowing that they will be the ones speaking on your behalf.

Issues such as domestic violence, custody of children and financial settlements can be discussed openly with the person who will pick out the transient facts and present them in court on your behalf.

This is also someone who specialises in this particular sector of the law. Family barristers approach their work from a position of in-depth knowledge and understanding, as opposed to a more general appreciation of the law.

They spend the bulk of their time in court, so they are familiar with the mechanisms and subtleties of presenting legal arguments in that setting.

Flexibility and customer care in discussing family law

Many family barristers are self-employed, rather than working within a legal practice. This provides a more versatile approach to both consultation arrangements and costs.

You could even instruct and work with a family barrister anywhere in the UK. Many offer opportunities for private video conferencing too so you don’t always need to appear at meetings in person.

Lastly, keep in mind that solicitors – in specialist or complex cases – would turn to a barrister for assistance.

If your legal proceedings are of a particularly desperate or upsetting nature, approaching a public access barrister means that you are going direct to someone that solicitors trust and consult with.

Use our website to find the right match and to obtain insights into the costs involved with direct access family barristers.

How to choose the right direct access barrister

Are you considering choosing to brief a public access barrister direct to represent you, and provide you with high-calibre legal advice and expert advocacy?

One of the things that could be causing you to hesitate is that it can seem a daunting prospect to select from direct access barristers in your area.

You may need some help in deciding which one to choose. After all, they have all studied hard to reach this level of professionalism and can appear to offer similar services.

Particularly if you are working within a tight timescale, you may not want to waste a lot of time “shopping around”, with such a diverse range of individuals and companies to sift through.

What to look for in direct access barristers

The fees charged may be highly significant to you if your legal proceedings involve a tight budget or little or no financial compensation.

Most public access barristers are not tied by prescribed fee structures which means you can negotiate with them on an individual basis.

However, it is highly recommended that the decision is based not just on cost. This is likely to be a crucial or sensitive legal need they must meet, so the cheapest may not be the right one for you.

You need to study the barrister’s expertise to ensure that their particular experience and skills match your specific legal needs well.

Also, check their availability as early in the process as possible. Choosing a great match and then finding your barrister can’t meet any legal deadlines you face can be frustrating.

Asking for CVs is commonplace, as this will give you a broader overview of the individual barrister rather than relying on a marketing profile.

Establishing trust and communication

The chances are your relationship with your barrister will be quite an “intimate” one, even if this is a commercial case. You need to establish strong trust and communication to work together effectively, so you need to find a barrister that you feel comfortable with as well as one with the right level of competence.

Clearly then, it comes down to personal choice when choosing a relevant direct access barrister.

However, to save time – and money – use our website to find a direct access barrister ready and able to support you every step of the way. Not least as within minutes you can compare areas of expertise and costs.

This can be the perfect starting point for finding the right barrister to secure the result you need.

Contesting a will with direct access barristers

Although making a will is fairly straightforward, a significant number of people fail to do so. When someone dies without having made a will, they are said to have died intestate and the law determines how their estate is disposed of. By having a will, people can ensure that their estate is transferred to the relevant beneficiaries and they are free to dispose of their goods, property and possessions as they see fit.

In some cases, however, it may be possible for someone to contest a will and argue that they should receive some or all of the estate.

As a will is a legal document, you’ll need to legal assistance if you want to make a successful challenge. Although the law is keen to uphold the deceased’s wishes, there are some instances in which a direct access barrister will be able to help you to challenge a will.

Accessing inheritance if you’ve been left out of a will

Often, when someone gets older, their mental faculties can be affected and they may act in unusual ways. If someone makes numerous changes to their will in the months preceding their death, for example, and leaves close family members out of the document, it may be possible for them to challenge the document.

Similarly, if the deceased was receiving medical treatment which may have affected the way they drafted the will, it could be possible for a legal challenge to be made. In some cases, a will may have been made decades ago and not modified to reflect a change in family circumstances. Due to this, family members may want to take action in order to ensure an equal split of the estate.

Contact a direct access barrister

If you need help to contest a will, a public access barrister may be able to assist you. As well as providing expert legal advice and assistance, using a direct access barrister can significantly reduce the cost of taking legal action.

Furthermore, contacting a direct access barrister couldn’t be easier. Available via secure video conferencing facilities, you can liaise with your barrister from wherever you are and cut out the need for additional legal personnel.

To find out more, why not contact a public access barrister today?

Avoid a speeding conviction with expert legal help

As all drivers know, adhering to the relevant speed limit is vital when you’re in control of a vehicle. Failure to do so can put the driver at risk, as well as jeopardising the safety of his or her passengers and other road users. While it’s crucial that drivers adhere to the rules of the road, there are times when people may inadvertently exceed the speed limit and, if caught, they could face a number of sanctions.

If the situation constitutes a minor offence, the driver may simply have points placed on their licence or be required to attend an educational course. Once a driver has a specific number of points on their licence, however, they will lose their licence and be unable to legally drive. If the original speeding offence was more serious, a driver could be charged with a criminal offence and they may lose their licence straight away. They could even face a custodial sentence.

Can a barrister save my driving licence?

If you need help from a speeding barrister, it’s likely that you’ve been caught or charged with a motoring offence. With numerous speed cameras situated on roads across the country, it’s not surprising that so many people are caught exceeding the limit each year.

In many cases, however, a public access barrister can help you to contest the charges aimed at you and prevent you from facing any sanctions, such as the loss of your licence or a monetary fine. If you’ve been faced with a more serious criminal allegation, such as driving without due care and attention, a criminal barrister may even be able to help you avoid getting a criminal record.

With legal help from experienced barristers, you can save a significant amount of money. With thousands of pounds to be saved, using direct access barristers ensures that you have access to cost-effective legal help. Furthermore, contacting a barrister directly means that you can discuss your case in detail and get the specialist help you need.

To obtain a quote or to discuss your need for legal representation, contact a direct access barrister today.