How a barrister could help with your will dispute

Seeking out family barristers directly could prove to be highly beneficial if you find yourself involved in a will dispute. Not only is a barrister uniquely positioned to be able to provide you with advice on legal matters, but they can also help when it comes to strategy.


It may be the case that you’re already working with a solicitor on your will dispute, but a barrister could be able to add an additional layer of expertise, especially when it comes to negotiation strategy, or if you have a court hearing coming up. Many barristers are specialists in contentious probate, and deal with similar types of issues every day, in a huge range of situations. That means a barrister is best positioned to objectively look at a will dispute and can spot any potential weaknesses in an argument.


Whilst a solicitor may be involved in the conduct of your case day to day with tasks such as writing letters, procedural dealings, gathering any evidence and preparing documents, a barrister will be able to take a step away from the case. Due to the fact barristers are usually self-employed and independent, they will be able to provide both objective and wholly practical advice which could prove to be crucial. They will advise on the strength of your case, whether you’re bringing a case or defending, and can also map out a strategy to follow in order to secure the best possible outcome.

Case assessment

After all the evidence has been gathered and some initial negotiations are underway, a barrister can once again prove to be indispensable. Their objectivity can be used to make a realistic assessment of any claim and whether or not it would be successful if the case were to proceed to court. It’s worth remembering that barristers are more than just experts in the area of law they specialise in, they are also highly trained when it comes to court procedure. They can assess all the practical matters which could either strengthen or weaken either a claim or a defence in a will dispute.

If you think your will dispute could benefit from the unique perspective of a barrister, then we have over a thousand highly skilled and fully accredited direct access barristers just waiting to help. Enter your contact details and a brief outline of your case to receive a completely free, no-obligation quote today.

Go straight to an expert for your land dispute

If you are a property owner, then chances are at some point you’ve had some level of involvement in a dispute concerning land boundaries, access, right of way or encroachment. Land disputes can become intensely personal and emotional, given that, more often than not, the other party is a neighbour or family member.

Or perhaps you are dealing with issues concerning the enjoyment of your own property and use of your own land.

If either scenario is applicable to you, you are strongly advised to seek legal advice from the outset.

Property disputes can range from the erecting of a fence by a neighbour that encroaches upon your land, to an issue concerning a right of way up a lane that accesses your property. These are all disputes which can be a drain on your valuable time, emotions and your wallet.

Property disputes are often bitterly, long fought-out disputes and can ultimately be costly too.
For that reason, property law matters need to be handled in a professional and knowledgeable manner. Instructing a Barrister from the outset can assist you greatly in achieving the best outcome or compensation available, given that Barristers are specially trained in negotiation and fully versed in any applicable principles of law.

Most of the legal principles involved in property disputes call for no less than an expert in property law. Barristers are highly trained individuals who have spent many years in study and training to reach the stage of being called to the Bar. In medical terms, they would be Consultants. Therefore, when you contact a Barrister in relation to your property dispute via Barristers4U, you can be assured that you’re getting an expert in that field. A Barrister who has attended to many such proceedings and who is technically sound on all aspects of the governing law.

It’s always advisable to seek out an expert to handle your property dispute. The complexities of the law involved and Court appearances mean that it is imperative you engage an expert of the highest calibre to assist. A Barrister is the most highly qualified legal representation available to the public, and it is always worth engaging him/her from the outset in order that they are fully up to speed on all details well in advance of any Court date.

Don’t forget that most property disputes don’t make it into Court and can usually be agreed outside the doors of the Courtroom. Instructing a Barrister from the outset can assist you greatly in achieving the best outcome or compensation available.

If you’ve recently had issues concerning your property, and are unsure of how to proceed in order to have such issues rectified and to receive the correct compensation, a Barrister will immediately steer the ship for you. Contact us today to find an expert in property as well as the art of negotiation, so you can get your dispute solved sooner rather than later.