Never Automatically Pay Your Parking Fines!

If you’ve ever received a car parking fine in a private car park you know how frustrating this feels and you wish there was something you could do about is. Well there is actually a few things you can do because most of these fines are often unenforceable.

If the ticket is from the police or local council always pay it. But if its from a private company never pay it automatically and always challenge it.

If you were doing any of the following then we recommend that you should immediately pay because these wouldn’t be valid reasons to content a parking fine;

  • I was going to get change.
  • Its on the dashboard with all my other parking tickets.
  • Only one wheel is out of the bay.
  • I only parked on the pavement because there was no other spaces.
  • I thought parking was free on bank holidays.
  • I paid straight after getting the ticket.
  • I parked in a bus stop and not the yellow line

If you have a different reason than the above reasons then you probably got grounds to content the parking fine. So you should always do the following in this situation.

Gather all evidence by immediately take photos, because a photo of your ticket on your windscreen when you’re only 5 minutes late is very unfair. Also take photos of any unclear signs or bay markings plus anything else that might be relevant.

Keep all correspondence from the private company and receipts for example like if your car had broken down and the garage repair bills. Not to mention any contact details of any witnesses.

There is no point arguing with the car parking attendant because it might only get you in more trouble. So simply just leave and then try to explain yourself with all the evidence in writing.

If you feel that you’re getting no where and the fine has risen then seek legal help by using a barrister. You can now go to a barrister direct for legal advice and we at Barristers 4U will provide you with a free no obligation quote to help you with your parking fine.


Do you need access to criminal barristers?

If you find yourself charged with a crime, you may need access to specialist legal help. Before being interviewed by the police, you should be offered the opportunity to liaise with a solicitor. Following this, however, you’ll need to arrange your own legal representation.

Although some people are able to access Legal Aid to help fund representation for criminal matters, a significant number of people don’t qualify for this type of assistance. Despite this, costly solicitor’s fees may mean that they’re unable to access the help they need.

Due to the seriousness of a criminal charge, it’s vital that you get the advice and representation you need if you’ve been accused of acting unlawfully. A criminal conviction could affect every part of your life so you’ll want to ensure that the matter is handled properly.

Using direct access barristers

Generally, people assume that you have to contact a solicitor before a barrister is instructed but this isn’t true at all. Using direct access barristers can enable you to access the legal expertise you require but can reduce the cost involved.

Rather than paying a solicitor and a barrister, for example, you can contact a criminal barrister directly and obtain the help you need. Whilst the CPS may have decided to prosecute you, a barrister could be able to help you get the charges dropped or reduced. Alternatively, if the matter goes to trial, a criminal barrister can defend you in court and will try to ensure you’re acquitted of all charges.

Getting legal advice before you go to court

Although any area of law can be complex, criminal law can be particularly complicated so it’s important to liaise with an experienced criminal barrister before attending court hearings. When working with a public access barrister, you can speak with him or her directly and determine how the situation will proceed.

You can even contact a range of direct access barristers to find out more about the help they can offer. In addition to this, a public access criminal barrister will be able to provide you with a quote before undertaking any work.

To access legal help today, why not get in touch with a direct access barrister?