Drink driving: know where you stand

When found guilty of a drink driving offence, individuals can expect to be banned from driving for at least a year, receive an unlimited fine or face up to six months in prison. When faced with these consequences, it is not uncommon to feel fearful, distraught or overwhelmed and lose sight of the reality of the situation. However, things may not be as disastrous or clear-cut as they first seem.

Required procedures

In any drink driving case, there are procedures that police must follow for a conviction to be valid. Expert drink drive barristers or speeding barristers will have experience in defending similar claims and will know which details to question, to ensure that the arrested party is not forced to accept an unreasonable punishment.

One example of a procedure that is vital to understand is the breath test. Devices used to conduct the test have been known to produce unreliable results in situations where no more than a single spirit and mixer have been consumed. A drink drive barrister can obtain calculations to determine the precise amount of alcohol in the body at the time of the test, as well as taking a careful look at the process surrounding the arrest and investigation.

Expert insight

Another example would be that there could occasionally be an unusual reason for an individual’s behaviour. Generally speaking, the court will not entertain drink driving of any kind; however, a drink driving barrister will know when a special reason can be argued. It might even be possible to demonstrate to the court why a more favourable stance should be taken.

The consequences of failing to obtain expert help demonstrate the importance of doing so: the increased cost of car insurance; the need to declare the conviction to an employer or when travelling overseas; the loss of employment where this is dependant on the ability to drive; and, of course, the penalty itself. A drink drive barrister will examine any possibility of a reduced sentence and can review an employment to determine whether there is any duty to inform an employer.

Deciding not to seek assistance may seem like an easier option, especially during stressful circumstances, but, by using a trained legal professional, individuals stand the best chance of clarifying where they stand and not having to suffer any undue consequences.

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