Can I go direct to a barrister for family court?

When family court is involved, there is a good chance you are a parent or representing a child. Or, perhaps you are trying to sort through the financial minefield of a separation, or obtain an injunction of some sort?

All of which are highly sensitive and emotional issues.

This can make finding the right legal help even more important.

For many people in this situation, that means working with a direct access barrister. Someone trained and experienced in providing family law advocacy services.

Advantages of a family law public access barrister

Using a public access barrister puts you directly in front of the person who will represent you in any legal proceedings. You will be able to establish a relationship of trust and communication with them, knowing that they will be the ones speaking on your behalf.

Issues such as domestic violence, custody of children and financial settlements can be discussed openly with the person who will pick out the transient facts and present them in court on your behalf.

This is also someone who specialises in this particular sector of the law. Family barristers approach their work from a position of in-depth knowledge and understanding, as opposed to a more general appreciation of the law.

They spend the bulk of their time in court, so they are familiar with the mechanisms and subtleties of presenting legal arguments in that setting.

Flexibility and customer care in discussing family law

Many family barristers are self-employed, rather than working within a legal practice. This provides a more versatile approach to both consultation arrangements and costs.

You could even instruct and work with a family barrister anywhere in the UK. Many offer opportunities for private video conferencing too so you don’t always need to appear at meetings in person.

Lastly, keep in mind that solicitors – in specialist or complex cases – would turn to a barrister for assistance.

If your legal proceedings are of a particularly desperate or upsetting nature, approaching a public access barrister means that you are going direct to someone that solicitors trust and consult with.

Use our website to find the right match and to obtain insights into the costs involved with direct access family barristers.

Take action on sexual harassment with direct access barristers

Sexual harassment in Hollywood has recently hit the headlines, but statistics released by Opinium Research show that one in five women in the UK also have been sexually harassed in the workplace.

Unfortunately, this demonstrates that workplace sexual harassment is still a problem and not just in Hollywood. In fact, it’s not unlikely that you or someone you know has been affected, despite there being laws in place to protect workers like you.

Sexual harassment includes any type of unwelcome behaviour of a sexual nature. This can be verbal, such as remarks about your body or appearance, non-verbal, for example staring at your body or sending texts of a sexual or physical nature, including physical contact of any kind.

If you have been a victim of sexual harassment, your first steps will usually be to speak to HR or complain to your employer to try and resolve the issue. If necessary, you can even take action through an industrial tribunal. However, if the tribunal is unsuccessful you may still want to seek specialist legal advice.

Did you know that you can contact a barrister directly for expert legal advice or representation for your case? Public access barristers are experts in the law and how it works and can advise you on your legal position, draft legal documents and even use their skills to represent you in a court tribunal or hearing.

Instructing a barrister directly can save you hundreds to thousands of pounds, whilst also ensuring you receive high-quality and experienced legal support. Barristers4U has access to 1000+ accredited barristers throughout England and Wales offering expert legal advice and representation.

Our video-conferencing facilities (such as Skype) mean you can speak to your barrister confidentially, no matter where you live. Obtaining a quote is free with no obligation, so you can compare quotes and choose the right expert for you. You only pay if you decide you’d like to instruct the barrister directly.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is never acceptable so if you have been affected by this behaviour, contact Barristers4U today for information and advice.

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Almost half of drivers with 12 points keep their licence

If you’ve been caught speeding and have racked up 12 points then you’ll probably be wondering: ‘Is there anything I can do to save my driving licence?’ The good news is that almost half of all people with 12 points on their licence manage to avoid disqualification, so your chances are good as long as you get the right advice and representation.

According to Brake and Direct Line, 43% of drivers with 12 points manage to keep their licence. Here we explore how you too could be able to keep your licence with 12 points.

Mitigating circumstances

In some cases there can be considered to be mitigating circumstances for speeding. These mitigating factors can include the speed not being excessive, there being only light traffic on the road at the time of the offence, or even a momentary lapse in concentration.

Exceptional hardship

In cases where exceptional hardship would be caused by driving disqualification, the courts can decide to apply the points but not disqualify the driver. This case can be argued if this would lead to you losing your job or being unable to work.

Flimsy evidence

In some cases a speeding charge can be disputed on the basis of flimsy evidence. Laser detectors and other speed detection devices can sometimes be overruled in court when the evidence is not entirely clear-cut.

Get the best representation

While a lot of people are able to keep their driving licence in certain cases, you need to put forward the best possible defence that you can. In order to do so you should get yourself the best representation so that you get the best advice and have the best chance in court. A barrister will be able to help build your case and argue that you should not be disqualified on the basis of mitigating circumstances and exceptional hardship.

Get a free quote for representation from Barristers4u today and you could save yourself from disqualification and all of the headaches that come along with this.

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Can a barrister help with my drink drive case?

Law enforcement operatives will have you believe that drink drive cases are clear-cut and unavoidable, but this is not the case. With a good drink drive barrister by your side, you stand a chance of being able to overturn a drink drive accusation in some circumstances. Here we explore the ways in which they can help:

Speak on your behalf in court

A barrister will know what to say, how to say it and when to say it. This can make every difference in a court and can swing your chances of conviction or exoneration. You will only get one chance in court, so getting it right is essential. Make sure you have the best representation.

Give you guidance

For most drink drive offenders it will be their first time in a courtroom. This can be very intimidating and they are structured to be so. Knowing what to expect and exactly what will happen will help to put your mind at rest and allow you to keep a level head for the interactions that matter.

Give advice about your plea

Sometimes the best thing to do is to admit your guilt and receive a lighter sentence for showing remorse. A barrister will be able to tell you when this is the right course of action so that you are making the correct plea.

Build your defence

A barrister can help by building a defence for you if there is one to build. They will never create a defence where one does not exist, but they will be able to turn the real course of events into an effective defence to put in front of the court.

Determine special reasons

In some cases, drink drive defences can rely on special reasons for your actions. Your barrister will be able to help you establish this defence if it does exist.

Obtaining a quote

Getting a fee quote from a barrister will be completely free, so there is nothing to lose at the outset. A barrister could save you from significant fines and protect you from losing your license too.

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How to choose the right direct access barrister

Are you considering choosing to brief a public access barrister direct to represent you, and provide you with high-calibre legal advice and expert advocacy?

One of the things that could be causing you to hesitate is that it can seem a daunting prospect to select from direct access barristers in your area.

You may need some help in deciding which one to choose. After all, they have all studied hard to reach this level of professionalism and can appear to offer similar services.

Particularly if you are working within a tight timescale, you may not want to waste a lot of time “shopping around”, with such a diverse range of individuals and companies to sift through.

What to look for in direct access barristers

The fees charged may be highly significant to you if your legal proceedings involve a tight budget or little or no financial compensation.

Most public access barristers are not tied by prescribed fee structures which means you can negotiate with them on an individual basis.

However, it is highly recommended that the decision is based not just on cost. This is likely to be a crucial or sensitive legal need they must meet, so the cheapest may not be the right one for you.

You need to study the barrister’s expertise to ensure that their particular experience and skills match your specific legal needs well.

Also, check their availability as early in the process as possible. Choosing a great match and then finding your barrister can’t meet any legal deadlines you face can be frustrating.

Asking for CVs is commonplace, as this will give you a broader overview of the individual barrister rather than relying on a marketing profile.

Establishing trust and communication

The chances are your relationship with your barrister will be quite an “intimate” one, even if this is a commercial case. You need to establish strong trust and communication to work together effectively, so you need to find a barrister that you feel comfortable with as well as one with the right level of competence.

Clearly then, it comes down to personal choice when choosing a relevant direct access barrister.

However, to save time – and money – use our website to find a direct access barrister ready and able to support you every step of the way. Not least as within minutes you can compare areas of expertise and costs.

This can be the perfect starting point for finding the right barrister to secure the result you need.

Ending boundary disputes with direct access barristers

When you buy a property, the boundaries should be clearly marked on the deeds of the house or flat. Despite this, many property owners find that their boundaries are the cause of disputes. If your neighbours believe that you’re using their property, for example, they may become unpleasant or even abusive.

Similarly, if you have a right of way over land, the landowners should not be able to restrict you using this right. Perhaps you need to travel across your neighbours land to reach your driveway, for example? If they prevent you from doing this, your enjoyment of your own property will be severely diminished.

Have things got out of hand?

When these types of disputes arise, it’s easy for things to escalate. Your neighbours may begin to exhibit anti-social behaviour or undertake petty actions in order to irritate you. Whilst we should feel relaxed in our own homes, boundary issues can have a significant impact on your way of life. Rather than looking forward to going home at the end of the day, you may begin to dread what you’re returning to.

In order to resolve these types of disputes, it may be necessary to access legal help. Unfortunately, people tend to assume that legal advice is very expensive and this can result in disputes going on for far longer than they need to.

If you’re worried about the cost of getting legal help, why not contact a direct access barrister?

Taking action with public access barristers

When you contact a barrister directly, you can reduce the cost of any legal action you need to take. Instead of using both a solicitor and barrister, you can liaise with just public access barristers and limit the need for any other professionals to work on your case.

As a result, costs can be reduced considerably. In addition to this, seeking help from direct access barristers can be a simple and straightforward process. Simply select a barrister who specialises in the relevant area of law and approach them for a quote. As well as explaining what options are available to you, your public access barrister can assist you in taking legal action, if you choose to do so.

To find out more, contact a direct access barrister today.

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Contesting a will with direct access barristers

Although making a will is fairly straightforward, a significant number of people fail to do so. When someone dies without having made a will, they are said to have died intestate and the law determines how their estate is disposed of. By having a will, people can ensure that their estate is transferred to the relevant beneficiaries and they are free to dispose of their goods, property and possessions as they see fit.

In some cases, however, it may be possible for someone to contest a will and argue that they should receive some or all of the estate.

As a will is a legal document, you’ll need to legal assistance if you want to make a successful challenge. Although the law is keen to uphold the deceased’s wishes, there are some instances in which a direct access barrister will be able to help you to challenge a will.

Accessing inheritance if you’ve been left out of a will

Often, when someone gets older, their mental faculties can be affected and they may act in unusual ways. If someone makes numerous changes to their will in the months preceding their death, for example, and leaves close family members out of the document, it may be possible for them to challenge the document.

Similarly, if the deceased was receiving medical treatment which may have affected the way they drafted the will, it could be possible for a legal challenge to be made. In some cases, a will may have been made decades ago and not modified to reflect a change in family circumstances. Due to this, family members may want to take action in order to ensure an equal split of the estate.

Contact a direct access barrister

If you need help to contest a will, a public access barrister may be able to assist you. As well as providing expert legal advice and assistance, using a direct access barrister can significantly reduce the cost of taking legal action.

Furthermore, contacting a direct access barrister couldn’t be easier. Available via secure video conferencing facilities, you can liaise with your barrister from wherever you are and cut out the need for additional legal personnel.

To find out more, why not contact a public access barrister today?

Getting help from criminal barristers

When you’ve been arrested, it’s essential that you have access to legal help. Depending on the alleged offence, you could be facing a number of serious consequences. Whilst some offences carry the possibility of a prison sentence, you could also be subject to fines, ASBOs or community service.

In addition to this, the consequences of having a criminal record can be catastrophic. You may be unable to keep your current job and may find it extremely difficult to find other work, for example.

Often, when people are charged with a crime, they accept a caution in order to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Whilst this may be a viable solution, it’s important to get expert legal help from criminal barristers first.

Having a caution on your record could have an impact on your future and, with help from experienced direct access barristers, you may be able to avoid this. By seeking legal help, you can ensure that you are able to reduce the charges where possible and minimise the consequences.

Accessing legal representation with public access barristers

Although criminal law is a speciality in itself, barristers do operate in niche areas. If you’ve been charged with a traffic offence, for example, you may want to seek help from speeding barristers or drink drive barristers.

As public access barristers have a whole range of expertise, you’ll be able to find a lawyer who can provide the type of assistance you require. Whilst the matter may be resolved without the need to go to court, a criminal barrister can represent you in court if need be. This means that a public access barrister can deal with matters from start to finish and you won’t have to deal with a range of legal professionals.

What about the cost of using direct access barristers?

Although some people are eligible for Legal Aid in criminal matters, many people exceed the financial threshold and, therefore, must pay for their own legal representation. By working with direct access barristers, you can cut the cost of getting legal help and present an affordable defence.

To learn more now, why not contact our direct access criminal barristers today?

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Can civil dispute barristers help with tenancy issues?

Although there are various different types of civil disputes, disagreements between tenants and landlords are amongst the most common. Whilst tenants and landlords should always have a contract in place, tenants are afforded some rights by the law as well.

In addition to this, a situation which isn’t covered by the existing contract may arise and civil dispute barristers may be needed.

Often, it’s best to resolve issues amicably, if you’re able to do so. In some instances, however, this simply isn’t possible and it may be necessary to seek legal help. If tenants want to take action because they believe a landlord is evicting them unfairly, for example, they may want to access legal representation so that they can take the matter further.

Conversely, landlords may find themselves unable to remove tenants following the end of a lease. As these matters can end up going to court, it’s usually beneficial to seek help from experienced professionals, such as civil dispute barristers.

Can a barrister help you?

When you need legal advice, it can be best to contact a barrister directly. As well as being experts in their field, public access barristers can help to reduce the cost of taking legal action. If you’re instigating legal action or defending a claim made against you, direct access barristers can provide relatively low-cost legal support.

Whilst a solicitor may be able to provide help initially, it is a barrister who is most likely to represent you in court. Rather than using two legal professionals to resolve the matter, claimants can benefit from contacting barristers directly.

Should you take the matter to court?

Often, the involvement of legal professionals means that the matter can be resolved without actually going to court. In order to reduce the cost and length of time associated with a court hearing, claimants are more willing to negotiate, providing they are assisted by experienced lawyers.

Whilst you can resort to going to court if needed, direct access barristers can help you to resolve the matter via alternative methods, if they are available. To find out more about getting help with a landlord and tenant dispute, why not contact civil dispute barristers today?

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Protecting your assets with divorce barristers

When a couple divorce, it’s often a stressful and upsetting time. It can be made more difficult, however, if one party attempts to claim an unfair share of the matrimonial property. Unfortunately, this is often the case and, as a result, it’s important to have legal representation during divorce proceedings.

By accessing help from divorce barristers, you can ensure that you reach an appropriate settlement and that you obtain the assets and/or funds that you’re entitled to.

Selling the matrimonial home

Although one or both parties may be keen to keep possession of their home, this isn’t always possible. Once the property has been divided, it will be down to one party to try and buy the other out, if they’re able to do so.

If you’re awarded 50% of the property, for example, you should be able to stay in the home if you’re able to purchase the remaining 50% from your ex-partner. Clearly, if you’re awarded a higher percentage of the property, it should be easier for you to find the funds to buy the rest of the property.

It’s vital, therefore, that you have expert advice and assistance when you’re going through a divorce or separation. The financial arrangements which are made during this process are likely to have a significant impact on your future and you’ll need someone who can represent you appropriately.

Why should you use divorce barristers?

With limited Legal Aid available, divorce can be a costly process. Rather than using a solicitor to begin the process and then involving a barrister at a later date, you may be better off contacting public access barristers directly.

By doing so, you can access the legal help you need and reduce costs in the process. Direct access barristers ensure that they’re available to speak with clients directly so you can find out more about your legal rights and your options before you begin taking action.

Whilst no-one enjoys the process of divorce, it’s important to finalise the end of your marriage with legal assistance, or you could risk missing out on the assets you’re entitled to. To find out more contact divorce barristers today.

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